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Soup hens

Soup hens

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Would you like to make nutritious broth from chickens that have lived an extraordinary life in the fields?

Health benefits
Warm up this fall and winter. Stock is great on its own, as a meal with vegetables, potato or noodles, or to add flavor to cold season stews.

In the book Nourishing Traditions, chicken stock is described as:

  • Incredibly nutritious and easy for the body to absorb
  • Good for digestion, due to gelatin, and helping to cure intestinal diseases
  • Good for reducing meal costs by making better use of proteins
  • Used in many cultures to help overcome colds and flu
  • Great for enhancing the flavor of meals when used in simmering dishes

This is how we make our chicken broth
It's super easy to make chicken stock! We send a recipe when you order chickens from us. You just need the largest pot you have (or an Instant Pot), water, a little vinegar or wine, onions and carrots, celery (optional) and herbs such as parsley.

We usually freeze the stock in small quantities, to thaw and use for specific meals.

Chickens must be collected from the farm, on slaughter day 2 December 2023, in accordance with the rules.

You can choose any date for collection in the checkout process. However, the soup chickens must be collected on 2 December. They cannot be picked up either earlier or later.

If the date doesn't suit, we also have frozen 100% grass-fed beef soup bones that can be picked up in Copenhagen and our farm shop.

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heavenly hens

pure taste of wholesomeness