With the hope of finding the free, meaningful and present life, we, Andy and Marianne, have moved home to Marianne's childhood home, Søagergård, to become self-sufficient and live off and on the premises of nature and animals. For the last 10-15 years we have lived in London, where the fast life and career was what filled us. We are now ready for a new capital with presence and the fresh air of the countryside, where there is freedom, time and space for creativity, adventure and continuous focus on acquiring new knowledge and learning more. We seek to make our everyday meaningful, both individually and in a larger perspective. We have been interested in holistic management and small-scale farming for a long time, and this is of course why our focus is on creating a value-based production of raw materials.

An alternative food producer

We are an alternative to the large agricultural producers.

An alternative where there is a focus on the animals' natural instincts, where all animals live the most natural life and are treated with respect and gratitude.

An alternative where the focus is on how we can collaborate with nature to make better, local raw materials.

An alternative where we rebuild biodiversity and diversity in agriculture and nature.

To get there, it is absolutely essential that we are regenerative and find circular solutions in our farming. All our animals and plants therefore have at least two functions, and preferably many more.

Time is an important ingredient in the regenerative. It is all worth it when we know that our production of raw materials does not harm the earth or our animals, but helps to improve the environment and nature.

About our animal welfare

Our mission

Our mission is to produce high-quality food while building the soil's fertility and improving the environment and nature around us.

We want to inspire others to take an interest in how their food is produced and build close relationships in the local community.

We want to create greater understanding of the need to change our food industry in Denmark.

Our products

About Søagergård

Søagergård is a regenerative small-scale farm of just under 10 hectares where, in collaboration with animals and plants, we let their natural impact on the land create increased biodiversity, retention of water and nutrients for the plants and healthier crops by e.g. to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it as life-giving carbon in the soil.

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