We work with our animals like no one else in Denmark

As you can hopefully see from the below, we do not think the organic standards are good enough in relation to both animal welfare and the local environment. We have therefore chosen not to become organically certified. Since our agriculture still has to be classified by the state, we have been assigned the classification "free land".

Søagergård's chickens

  • 350 chickens
  • 100% outdoors. Access to mobile henhouse and polytunnel in winter
  • Fed with 100% organic without soy
  • The hens typically live 2.5 years, of which they lay eggs for 2 years

The minimum standards for chicken keeping in Denmark and on Søagergård:

Søagergård's pigs

  • 3 breeding sows, 1 boar
  • 16-24 small pigs/year
  • 100% outdoors in forest area
  • Fed with 100% organic feed and residual products without soy
  • The sow typically lives 6-7 years (whereas breeding sows in the industry live 2-3 years)

The minimum standards for pig farming in Denmark and on Søagergård:

Søagergård's cows

  • 2 Jersey cows and their calves
  • 100% outdoors with access to mobile cow house
  • Fed with 100% grass, unsprayed hay and wrap (plus a little organic molasses during milking)
  • The cows typically live 10-14 years (whereas dairy cows in the industry live 5 years)

The minimum standards for cattle keeping in Denmark and on Søagergård:

About Søagergård

Søagergård is a regenerative small-scale farm of just under 10 hectares where, in collaboration with animals and plants, we let their natural impact on the land create increased biodiversity, retention of water and nutrients for the plants and healthier crops by e.g. to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it as life-giving carbon in the soil.