Advice, training and consulting, and working with us

Our ecosystems evolved symbiotically; with animals, plants, insects, bacteria, fungi (and of course us humans!) contributing to an abundant environment.

In our desire for control and productivity, modernity has broken the symbiosis, creating monocultures and homogeneity of:

  • Over-engineered grains, vegetables and forestry (not to mention GMO or transgenic)
  • Single-breed animal feeding lots, including "sustainable" fish farms
  • Cities and their residents, disconnected from natural cycles
  • Thought and ideas to address environmental issues

Opposite to fear-based narratives, we are not pleading that we have the solution to "the end is nigh". What we have is a workable and demonstrable approach that returns the harmony of nature – while restoring and nourishing the local human communities. It is an approach that empowers us and those around us, helping us make a direct, meaningful change locally.

Image below: The depleted fields we started with, in 2020

Agricultural entrepreneur training

If you are passionate about regenerative agriculture, are energetic and have an innovative way of thinking, then invest in mentoring from successful agricultural entrepreneurs.

Within three years, Marianne and Andy grew Søagergård Regenerativt Jordbrug organically, to become Denmark’s home of radically regenerative agriculture. We have done all this while having other work and family commitments!

Using our combined 30 years’ expertise of working with some of the world’s most recognisable organisations, we can help you at any stage of your business:

  • Finding inspiration and an idea that fits your personality and your goals
  • Business planning, financing and grant/loan applications
  • Market research, branding and marketing
  • Business development and sales channels
  • Planning complex projects

In addition to the business side, we can help you with specific training in agriculture. Our knowledge is based on our training and experience in:

  • Holistic planning
  • Rotational grazing
  • Broad and specific aspects relating to hens, pigs, cows and bees
  • Working with regulators
  • Engineering design, carpentry, metalwork, maintenance and basic machinery mechanics
  • Troubleshooting

    We can bring in other professionals that can help you in terms resilience to stress, burn-out and creating strong mental wellbeing. We have found this aspect to be very important, especially when you become more successful.
    We can mentor and consult at our location in Denmark, at your location (with travel expenses) or online via teleconference.

Facility design and HACCP (food safety)

If you are in the EU or UK and need help getting regulatory approval for an egg packery, farm shop or another type of food-processing facility; we can help you!

We know this is an area of concern for many, who just want to farm and have no idea about the rules and language that regulators use.

Regulators like to see people take training and advice from those with more experience.

With a Level 3 diploma in HACCP and experience of working in catering management for one of the world's largest turn-key catering companies, we have passed many regulatory reviews without issues.

We offer a complete package, where we will:

  • Review your planned or current area for a facility
  • Train you in HACCP (maintaining food safety) that is specific to your needs
  • Create an actionable plan for your facility to meet standards
  • Help you to create your HACCP processes and documentation

Working with us

For the right individuals, we offer the opportunity to work with us for a longer term.

The right individual will get trained comprehensively, including agricultural entrepreneur training, as part of a larger commitment to working and then managing all day-to-day elements of our farm.

We offer a unique experience in Denmark:

  • Truly regenerative
  • Farm with many types of flora and fauna
  • Unmatched animal welfare
  • Highest-quality produce to a discerning, passionate clientele
  • On the doorstep of Copenhagen
  • High-quality accommodation

If you are interested, please join our waitlist.

When you write to us, please give examples of the kind of skills and experience that we looking for:

  • Able to do same/similar activities day in, day out - for long periods
  • Quick learner
  • Determination and hard work towards a clear goal
  • Positive attitude and humility
  • Flexible and able to adapt, keep a cool head
  • Able to go outside comfort zone, have a thick skin, not getting disheartened with perceived setbacks
  • Being drawn to us for the right reasons - this is regarding cultural fit with us, not why you are interested in regenerative agriculture. Review our website and past newsletters for more insights into our world view