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Søagergård Regenerativt Jordbrug

Pork liver from forest-raised pigs

Pork liver from forest-raised pigs

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Juicy, non-lean pork from our forest pigs. Raised with compassion to our pigs' natural instincts

Circa 520g per pack (200kr/kg). Pack sizes vary a little. Final price will be adjusted on pickup.

The pork is frozen. Best before 25 Feb, 2025.


Our pigs live a quiet life in our forest. Piglets are never separated from their mothers. We do not castrate, cut tails, use nose rings or use any other form of mutilation. We do not use antibiotics preventatively.

The pigs are a slow growing breed, meaning they are closer to their wild ancestors. This makes the meat juicy, dark and full of flavour.

We have a maximum of just 20-25 pigs in our hectare of forest, which means our pigs have lots of room to explore, relax, root and play - much more room than in industrial agriculture. Our approach is centred on animal welfare and soil recovery. Our approach results in a unique high-quality product that honours the lives of our pigs and is highly valued by our customers. Therefore we will not expand to meet the enormous demand our products have, even if it means some customers don't get as much as they'd wish for.

We feed our pigs unsprayed feed, without soy or corn. This way of raising pigs is called "low-PUFA" and is said to be lower in Omega 6 - if you know, you know.

These are some of the reasons we quickly sell out of our juicy, non-lean pork. We hope that you won't miss out!

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Customer Reviews

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Cecilie Nielsen
Nærende og berigende !

Jeg elsker at handle hos Andy og Marianne. Deres sans for gode produkter og gode dyre liv er ikke at tage fejl af. Så vidunderligt at kunne købe så nærende mad! Tak for jeres arbejde !!