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Nurturing skin balms

Nurturing skin balms

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Unlike anything else you have tried before!

Skin balms that are biologically compatible with our skin. Helping to nourish our skin and heal modern life's damages. Our customers have told us they love to use the skin balms to hydrate dry skin, stop hormonal breakouts and help heal cracked skin.

Here's what a customer said about our balms:

"I've been thankful to have the lard-based lip balm within arm's reach this winter because it's been the only thing that actually hydrates wind-chapped lips.

I was a little wary of the claims of better biocompatibility but sure enough, the balm melts into the skin and doesn't leave an unpleasant, greasy feeling.

Additionally, I've also started using it on my hands - I'm a chef and my work and the winter leave my knuckles cracked and dry; the peppermint-scented lip balm works wonderfully as a non-irritating barrier cream on the driest spots.

Last but not least, knowing that this comes from a local and sustainable producer makes me appreciate it even more. I truly couldn't recommend it enough.

Customer for life,


Animals store vitamins in their fat. Our outdoor-raised animals take in vitamin D from the sun and carotenoids (precursors to Vitamin A) from plants.

We honour the animals by making sure we use as much as possible from them, including the fat. Once the fat is rendered, it becomes odourless. We add our own bees' beeswax to further improve the texture.

Aroma blends

A blend of organic essential oils gives a subtle aroma. The aroma blends are based on their classic mood enhancing properties:

  • Connect to the Earth - helping to instil a grounding, earthing feeling
  • Reach for the Sun - invigorating and energising
  • Morning Dew - light, refreshing and ready for the day

Natural, ancestral way to help skin

Our balms are a natural way to hydrate and repair skin, unlike modern ingredients. Skin is an organ that absorbs what you put on it.

You probably wouldn't eat modern cosmetics, so why put them on your skin? Modern skin ingredients are usually:

  • Tested on caged lab animals at some point (even if the cosmetic company says their entire formulation isn't)
  • Incompatible with our skin, such as plant oils and fats
  • Potentially very toxic. Some ingredients are refined petrochemicals. Plant oils are produced with petrochemical solvents (e.g. hexane) that cannot be entirely removed from the final oils. The oils are then odourised and bleached, to stop them from stinking. This again leaves traces of toxins in the final ingredients. Some ingredients are not disclosed on labels at all! A little more info here.
  • Transported halfway around the world, such as with shea butter


For external use.


"Morning Dew": Tallow, beeswax, essential oils. Min net weight: 24g

"Connect to the Earth", "Reach for the Sun": lard, beeswax, essential oils. Min net weight: 24g

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