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Lacto-fermented Tomatoes

Lacto-fermented Tomatoes

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Our lacto-fermented tomatoes maintain a clear taste of summer's fresh tomatoes with a sour kick. Based on Andy's grandmother's family recipe.

Ingredients: Water*, tomatoes*, garlic, vinegar, honey*, herbs and spices.
(* from our farm)

Best before: 22 Aug 2024. Storage: At a maximum of +5°C. Mine. net weight: 300g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lovely lacto-fermented tomatoes

Bruschetta w/ stracciatella, courgette, radish and your lovely lacto fermented tomatoes

Long live your fermented tomatoes!

Today I bought your fermented tomatoes and we had a short chat about how I’m from Estonia, where fermentation is rooted in national cuisine and about Andy’s grandparents from (Eastern?) Ukraine who also used to ferment everything.
Well, long story short: long live your fermented tomatoes! I’ve just tasted yours and I love them. They’re different from the ones we make, yours are more zesty because of the garlic but at the same time balanced by some delicate cuddles of honey. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve appreciated them!
Good luck in your hard but beautiful work and see you at the market 😊